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Have you ever wondered how to combine colors in such a way to create an eye-catching impression? This article is about color meaning.
Color plays a very important role in the visual perception of the world we live in. The power of color causes reaction, emotions and thinking. It can bring joy, sadness or raise your blood pressure, etc.  That is why color is an original form of non verbal communication, varying depending on culture and circumstances. 
Learning the language of colors means understanding moods, concepts. For instance, the red color of traffic light sends the universal message to ‘stop’; a person that wears the color red may point out that he is ready to take action, or he is passionate about what he is going to be doing that day, or again it may signify that he is feeling angry, consciously or unconsciously.

For this wedding bouquet I chose the red and white color to symbolize passion mixed with purity and perfection. I thought that this bridal bouquet is suitable for an active, positive, passionate and perfectionist bride, but contrasting with features of purity, innocence, wholeness and completion.

The color yellow expressing optimism and happiness mixed with the color blue that express trust and peace, suggest elegance and loyalty.

My favorite bridal bouquet is the one that I made with purple and peach roses. Purple is the color of the imagination. Peach color represents appreciation, sincerity and gratitude. This paper flower bouquet seems to say ‘Let's get together’!

The color wheel is a perfect tool for understanding color combinations! You can use it for many purposes and never mistake. 

You can also use this color wheel when coming up with color combinations not only for your wedding flowers, but also for your makeup, wardrobe, and paintings.

Is white the most pure and innocent color on earth? Is red the most powerful and active color? How can yellow express optimism and happiness? Why purple suggests imagination, inspiration or peace of mind? What color would be the perfect choice of my wedding themeI hope you discovered some unique meanings of colors in my article!

Don’t forget that Color Matters!

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All weddings are planned around that unique and special bridal bouquetwww.facebook.com/Weddingpaperflowers. It represents a necessary accessory for any wedding and consecuently it will be present in all the photos. 
 I think every bride wants a unique and glamorous bridal bouquet and if it's possible an everlasting one! That is why I recommend to all brides an alternative to traditional wedding bouaquets. The bouquets made with paper represent a work of art that will last forever and can be personalized according to your taste.
 So, let's see some useful tips that will help you choosing the right bridal bouquet for you.

1. The first step is choosing the dress before your bridal flowers. 
The style and color of your dress will decide upon the style and color of your flowers. Don't forget that it's important that your wedding dress shouldn't be hidden by the flowers. Your bouquet and your dress should create a balanced look. For  instance, dresses with long train will suit very well with a more glamorous and dramatic bouquet.

2. Decide upon what kind of flowers do you want for your wedding day.
It's very important establishing what type of flowers do you want for your wedding day; you could choose elegant flowers such as roses, orchids, dahlias, ranunculus or peonies that can be accessorized with brooches and crystals. 
The art of paper flowers permits to create many types of flowers, although they aren't available at that time of the year your wedding is. That is why, paper flowers represent the best way to get your wish come true!

3. Consider the perfect shade for you!
Before booking your bridal bouquet try to have a clear view about the shades of your bridal flowers. You can also ask the opinion of the florist or the paper flowers artist. It's also important to consider the color of bridesmades' dresses. For example the shades of lavender and peach suit very well:

In the next article I'll exaplain more about the correct combination of colors and styles one can choose for the wedding decoration, flowers, details. 

4. Make it personal!
Customized paper flowers allow you to choose upon things that define your personality or  have a personal meaning for you: vintage lace or brooches with traditional meaning

5. Enjoy your bridal bouquet without tossing it and preserving it!
Paper flowers bouquets are everlasting but similar to traditional flowers you should take care of it. If your paper bouquet might lose its shape don't worry. If it happens you can easily arrange the petals taking care not to pull them from their stem. I assure you they will look as glamorous as in the beginning. 
Finally, assure you that your bouquet doesn't hide the silhouette of your wedding dresss, holding it in one hand, below the hip and slightly away from your dress.

I hope these few tips are useful for you !

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Navy Blue and Yellow Wedding Bouquet

Modern brides are always looking for an original bridal bouquet. This trend of paper bouquets is one of my favorite. This everlasting bouquet will remind you about the precious moments of your wedding day.
Inspired from the sea colors with the contrasting yellow strokes, it gives the impression of a fresh bouquet . These color shades can be as casual as it can be elegant.
This bridal paper bouquet is elegant, sophisticated and it is accessorized with crystals, beads, brooches, feathers. It represents today's hottest wedding trends! 

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Pink Bouquet

Actualmente una de las tendencias para bodas es tener decoraciones con flores originales.Los ramos de novia realizados con flores de papel crepé ofrecen varias ventajas prácticas y pueden ser hechas para que coincida con el estilo y la gama de colores de una boda en cualquier estación del año  incluso si eso significa girasoles rosados en enero. Esta es una manera maravillosa para añadir un toque personal a tu boda. Si usted no está planeando una boda, no hay problema. Este hermoso ramo es el regalo de un gran día de madre o un ramo precioso para vestir su mesa.


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