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All weddings are planned around that unique and special bridal bouquetwww.facebook.com/Weddingpaperflowers. It represents a necessary accessory for any wedding and consecuently it will be present in all the photos. 
 I think every bride wants a unique and glamorous bridal bouquet and if it's possible an everlasting one! That is why I recommend to all brides an alternative to traditional wedding bouaquets. The bouquets made with paper represent a work of art that will last forever and can be personalized according to your taste.
 So, let's see some useful tips that will help you choosing the right bridal bouquet for you.

1. The first step is choosing the dress before your bridal flowers. 
The style and color of your dress will decide upon the style and color of your flowers. Don't forget that it's important that your wedding dress shouldn't be hidden by the flowers. Your bouquet and your dress should create a balanced look. For  instance, dresses with long train will suit very well with a more glamorous and dramatic bouquet.

2. Decide upon what kind of flowers do you want for your wedding day.
It's very important establishing what type of flowers do you want for your wedding day; you could choose elegant flowers such as roses, orchids, dahlias, ranunculus or peonies that can be accessorized with brooches and crystals. 
The art of paper flowers permits to create many types of flowers, although they aren't available at that time of the year your wedding is. That is why, paper flowers represent the best way to get your wish come true!

3. Consider the perfect shade for you!
Before booking your bridal bouquet try to have a clear view about the shades of your bridal flowers. You can also ask the opinion of the florist or the paper flowers artist. It's also important to consider the color of bridesmades' dresses. For example the shades of lavender and peach suit very well:

In the next article I'll exaplain more about the correct combination of colors and styles one can choose for the wedding decoration, flowers, details. 

4. Make it personal!
Customized paper flowers allow you to choose upon things that define your personality or  have a personal meaning for you: vintage lace or brooches with traditional meaning

5. Enjoy your bridal bouquet without tossing it and preserving it!
Paper flowers bouquets are everlasting but similar to traditional flowers you should take care of it. If your paper bouquet might lose its shape don't worry. If it happens you can easily arrange the petals taking care not to pull them from their stem. I assure you they will look as glamorous as in the beginning. 
Finally, assure you that your bouquet doesn't hide the silhouette of your wedding dresss, holding it in one hand, below the hip and slightly away from your dress.

I hope these few tips are useful for you !

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